hey!  i'm viktorija...

“K” swapped out the more traditional “c” and “j” just wanted to come along for the ride…which is how Viktorija came about. That, and I’m Lithuanian. 

I'm married to my best friend, Drew. He is the peanut butter to my jelly.  We have a little boy named Lukas (pronounced LOO-kahs). His super power is making us smile, which is pretty much all the time. He's going to have a little brother come mid-August but shhhhh, he doesn't realize that yet!

Pinterest, West Elm, Craigslist, & DIY inspire me to tackle projects and make our home a unique, awesome place to live.  

A camera in my hands causes a colorful swirl of creativity -- I love photographing people; getting pictures of you being yourself. 

I wish I could’ve brought along the mountains in my pocket, but otherwise, the Piedmont has a flavor and whimsy all her own. 

Adjectives inspire a mad writing frenzy. I’m a HUGE fan of fiction, both writing & reading it. 

Shoes? I’ve got a closetful — why do you ask? 

 Photograph taken by Walking Dot Photography

Photograph taken by Walking Dot Photography